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Switching Your Mortgage

With potential savings of thousands or more over your mortgage’s lifespan, it's worth considering.
The hurdle? A time-consuming process with minimal reward
Switcher Mortgage Made Easy with SYS Mortgages

At SYS, We Change that Perception

Debunk the myth of mortgage switching being daunting or unrewarding

Did you know - Switch can even shorten your Mortgage Term
* Slightly higher monthly payments also mean faster financial liberation
If an early retirement sounds enticing, let's discuss switching today!
Tailoring Your Switch, Tailoring Your Future

Customised Switcher Mortgage

SYS, Your Home Mortgage Guide
Simplifying Mortgage Switching. Wondering if it's time to switch your mortgage?

Interest Rate & Type

Is your rate fixed, variable, tracker, or interest only?

If your fixed rate term is nearing its end, it’s time to explore other options! Don’t let your loan default to a potentially uncompetitive standard variable rate.

Mid-term, switching could be beneficial.

On a variable rate? 

There might be More Competitive Rates out there

Loan to Value (LTV)

The LTV ratio, or your outstanding mortgage balance as a percentage of your property’s current value, influences the interest rate you pay.

Higher the LTV – Higher your Interest Rate.

After years of repayments, your LTV may decrease – especially if your property’s value has increased – indicating that Switching Could Save You Money!

Need to Borrow More?

Need to fund an extension or home improvements?
Switching could provide you with a Top-Up Mortgage
at a more Competitive Rate than a Regular Loan! 

Have Other Loans?

Sometimes, you can merge additional loans, like education expenses, with your new mortgage for a lower interest rate!

Switching Costs Overview

Guiding Your Switch At Every Turn

Smooth Switching Provider in Ireland

Stay Updated with Latest Mortgage Insights

Our talented team of expert advisors consistently monitors the market to provide you with the best mortgage advice in Ireland


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