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SYS Makes your home Moving mortgage process easier

Stress-free Moving

We take care of the mortgage so you can focus on finding your Dream Home 

Wide Choice

As expert mortgage advisors, we access mortgages from major Financial Irish Institutions 

Expert Advice

With over 60 years of experience, we can find the right fit majority of the time

Tailored Solutions

Talk to SYS Home Mover Mortgage Specialist about your mortgage needs or topping up to upgrade your home

SYS Mortgages Belief

SYS, Your Financial Home Mover Partner

Every move, just like every home, is different

At SYS Mortgages, we understand how unique and personal every home move can be.
Experience the SYS difference, where every move, mortgage and solution is suited to You

Know your borrowing limits!

What You Need to Know

Simplified Guide to Mortgages for Home Movers

Maximum Borrowing Cap – 3.5 times your Gross Basic Income
Buying with someone else? Combine your Income!

Borrow up to 90% of your home’s Purchase Price, also known as 90% Loan to Value (LTV)

* Remember, these are maximum figures, and the lower of the two will determine your borrowing limit

But hey, there’s good news – lenders can be flexible and may lend more with a lower deposit or lend more

SYS is here to guide you through it!  

Rates as of today - 
June 25, 2024

Best Mortgage Rates in Ireland

Rates affect to change, and rate is set at the date of mortgage draw-down 


Ireland’s best variable mortgage rate available today 


Ireland’s best fixed mortgage rate available today

Lock-In Period
30 years

Ireland’s longest fixed-term mortgage available today

Guiding You Home: SYS Support at Every Turn

Estate Agent's Fee

A flat fee or a percentage of the sale price of your current home

Stamp Fee

A tax of 1% of the purchase price of your new home is payable to Revenue 

Derive Your Cost of Moving

Expected expenses when switching mortgage providers and moving house is a given 

Legal Fees

A solicitor conducts the conveyancing and liaises on your behalf between the solicitor of the purchaser of your home and the solicitor of the vendor of the home you’re buying 

For more information on fees, please review our Terms of Business*

We keep it Simple - The SYS Way

Purchasing a new home or changing your mortgage involves considerable thought.

As highly experienced mortgage advisors in Ireland, we are committed to helping you transition on your mortgage journey from searching for a home to becoming a happy homeowner.  

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