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First-Time Home Buyer Guide

Loan Limitations

As a first-time buyer in Ireland, Maximum Loan Amount is determined by two factors, as per the Central Bank
of Ireland: 



Borrow up to 4x Gross Earned Basic Income
Buying with a Partner? 4x of Combined Income


House Price

Borrow up to 90% of the Purchase Price 

* Please note these are the highest figures. Your actual loan will be the lower of the two.

your income
house costs
you can borrow
Rates as of today - 
June 21, 2024

Best Mortgage Rates in Ireland

Rates affect change, and the rate is set at the date of mortgage draw-down 


Ireland’s best variable mortgage rate available today 


Ireland’s best fixed mortgage rate available today 

Lock-In Period
30 years

Ireland’s longest fixed-term mortgage available today 

Ireland’s longest fixed-term mortgage available today

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How Much Can I Borrow?

Loan Limits for First-Time Home Buyers Set by The Central Bank of Ireland

  • Borrow up to 4 times your Gross Annual Income
  • Borrow up to 90% of the Property Purchase Price

Demonstrating Repayment Capacity

Show the mortgage lender you can make monthly payments to get a loan

  • Rent paid through standing order
  • Consistent Savings – With few or no withdrawals
  • Mortgage Drawdown – Loan Repayment, if the loan will be paid off before the mortgage is drawn down for the past 6 months

Be Prepared: It Takes Time


Getting a mortgage takes longer than you expect

SYS creates the best first time buyer mortgage experience to smooth the process 

Fixed or Variable Rate?

Choosing between a fixed and variable rate depends on your situation.

A fixed-rate gives price certainty, but you could miss out on lower rates.  

SYS Mortgage Advisor can help you decide
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Things To Remember

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First Time Buyer Mortgage Application in Ireland

  • Keep rent and savings visible in your bank statements
  • Conduct a credit search with the Central Bank of Ireland’s credit register.
    If there are issues, let your broker know
  • Maintain consistent employment
  • Visit the Help to Buy section on www.revenue.ie if you’re a First-Time Buyer.
    You may qualify for a tax refund to boost your deposit
  • Having one-off expenses like weddings or education costs on your statements is okay
  • Regular Gambling
  • Late or missed Payment Fees
  • Overdraft Limit Exceedance
  • Rising Credit Card Balances
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How long does Mortgage Approval Take?

Mortgage Expenses

When you get a mortgage, be ready for these costs: 


Minimum 10% of the property value. The government’s Help to Buy and First Home scheme may assist first-time buyers 

Solicitor's Fees

For conveyancing or the legal property transfer, which is necessary when buying a house.
Solicitors usually charge a flat fee. 

Engineer's Fees

Recommended if the house is over 100 years old or the valuer suggests an inspection.
Costs start from €300 

Valuation Fees

Most lenders require a property valuation.
Fees can range from €150 to €180

Stamp Duty

A 1% tax on the first €1m of the purchase price is payable to Revenue

Help to Buy First Home Scheme

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