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As an expert expat mortgage brokers, we use our expertise to identify appropriate lenders, saving you time and boosting your approval odds. We handle the application process and paperwork, letting you focus on finding a home in Ireland.

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July 18, 2024

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30 years

Ireland’s longest fixed-term mortgage available today 

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Non-Resident Mortgage: Key Facts To Know

Borrowing Limits

What You Need

Homeownership Beyond Borders

Basic Requirements

  • Employment Proof (PAYE applicant)
  • Six months bank statements (Current, Savings, Loans)
  • Certified ID and Proof of Address 

For Non-Residents

  • Savings Details (up to 70% of house price can be lent)
  • Be an EU Citizen with a reason to own a home in Ireland
  • Credit Report (Experian, Equifax)
  • CV-style employment history and expected salary, if moving to Ireland
  • Current financial commitments

For those continuing employment with an existing employer while moving back to Ireland

Commuting cost details and Work-From-Ireland Confirmation from your Employer 

Ex-Pat Mortgages

  • Lends up to 70% of house value to non-residents
  • Max term is 25 years for personal use
    Confirmation of connection to Ireland and intended residence location
  • For non-euro earners, only 80% of income is considered

Guiding You Home: SYS Support at Every Turn

Estate Agent's Fee

A flat fee or a percentage of the sale price of your current home

Stamp Fee

A tax of 1% of the purchase price of your new home is payable to Revenue 

Derive Your Cost of Moving

Expected expenses when switching mortgage providers and moving house is a given 

Legal Fees

A solicitor conducts the conveyancing and liaises on your behalf between the solicitor of the purchaser of your home and the solicitor of the vendor of the home you’re buying 

For more information on fees, please review our Terms of Business*

What to Expect

Expat Mortgage Moving Costs

Legal Fees

Solicitors handle legalities, including conveyancing

Broker Fees

SYS charges this for handling your application, including market research, application preparation, and submission.

Engineer's Fees

Recommended for homes over 100 years old or those with potential structural issues. Expect to pay from €300 upwards

Valuation Fee

Needed for your new loan-to-value ratio, you’ll pay between €150-€180 for a home evaluation

Stamp Duty

Payable to Revenue, it’s a percentage of your new property’s purchase price.

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