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Buy to Let Mortgage in Ireland with SYS Mortgages
Investing in Your Future: What You Need To Know

SYS, Your Partner for Buy-to-Let Mortgage in Ireland

Explore buy-to-let mortgages with competitive rates, designed for those looking to invest in property. 

* Please note these mortgages often carry higher fees and interest rates than residential mortgages, potentially impacting your yield.
Loan Details

The Central Bank of Ireland's lending criteria apply

  • While buy-to-let investors aren’t subject to Loan To Income (LTI) restrictions, we assess the applicant’s overall financial status for each application

  • The projected rent and mortgage repayment directly influence the loan amount

  • Maximum borrowing is 70% of the purchase price (70% LTV)

  • Some lenders limit BTL mortgages to areas with larger populations

Buy To Let Mortgage is available for:

* Minimum loan amounts apply. Terms, interest rates and lending criteria will differ depending on the investor category. Please get in touch with us for information on your specific proposal.

Applying for a Buy to Let Mortgage

List of Documentation Required

Rates as of today - 
July 18, 2024

Best Mortgage Rates in Ireland

Rates affect to change, and rate is set at the date of mortgage draw-down 


Ireland’s best variable mortgage rate available today


Ireland’s best fixed mortgage rate available today

Lock-In Period
30 years

Ireland’s longest fixed-term mortgage available today 

Cost of Buy-to-Let Mortgage in Ireland: What to Expect

Broker Fee

This fee is for finding your best lender and managing your application. 
Due when we submit your application. 

Tax Advice

We recommend getting independent tax advice for your investment property. 
We can connect you with SYS Tax Ltd, our partnered tax consultants.  

Legal Fees

You’ll have conveyancing fees for your solicitor and lender.  

Lender Application Fee

Some lenders charge a percentage of the applied mortgage, often capped for individuals. 

Stamp Duty

A percentage of the new property’s purchase price is due to Revenue.  

Engineer's Fee

If the property is over 100 years old or the valuer finds potential structural issues, you may need an engineer’s assessment, typically starting from €300. 

Valuation Fee

The lender will need a current property valuation to calculate the loan-to-value ratio. This usually costs between €150 and €180. 

Fees can vary; please get in touch with our buy to let mortgage broker for specifics*
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