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How is a self-build residential mortgage different from a standard mortgage? SYS Mortgage Advisor keeps it simple.

From Mortgage Application to Mortgage Approval. 

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Whether you have a site with full planning permission or are just beginning to save for your deposit – SYS guides the process with strategic planning, when applying for a self-build mortgage in Ireland

Building a house in Ireland

From Blueprint to Reality:
SYS Your Self-Build Mortgage Provider

Self-Build Mortgage Application Checklist:

Self-Build Documentation

  • Cost of Construction Form completed by Architect/Engineer/Surveyor
  • Planning Permission Confirmation
  • House Plans, Specifications, and Site Maps
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Loan Restrictions

  • As a First-Time Buyer, borrow up to 4 times your Gross Income or 3.5 times gross for Non-First-Time Buyers
  • The maximum borrowing will depend on the cost of construction

* Remember, these are maximums. The lower amount applies. 

Property Value Calculation for Self-Build

The property value is generally the lower of:

  • The sum of the site purchase cost and build costs
  • The final valuation upon completion

Mortgage Distribution

Funds Released at Build Phases:

  1. Foundation Stage
  2. Wall Plate
  3. Roof, Windows, and Door Fittings
  4. First/Second Fix
  5. Completion 


Three valuations typically occur:

  1. Before starting or at the foundation stage
  2. When the house is sealed
  3. Upon completion

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